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    Danske Bank

    Name: Danske Bank
    Designer: I-am online
    Location - Belfast

    BPR Contract Furniture was delighted to return to Danske Bank for the refurbishment of their flagship branch in Belfast City Centre following various works in their regional branches across Northern Ireland. The branch, situated at Donegal Square West, was originally built in 1972 and is seen as a building of historic and architectural importance. The refurbishment has created a new layout, modern look and improved services.

    Bespoke booths upholstered in contemporary yellow and grey fabrics were fitted offering staff and clients a private and comfortable setting. Bright colours were used throughout the space including our 'L' shape sofa and bench, creating a professional environment with a crisp modern edge.

    Ailsing Press, Head of Branch Banking at Danske Bank, commented off the launch: "The new branch has been designed with the customer experience front and centre, taking on board all the positive feedback from the previous refurbishments and adding some exciting new features. This branch really has the wow factor. It looks very different to the traditional bank branch and is much more welcoming".